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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Teams of Three

45 minute As many points as possible

Team member 1 will be completing an 800 meter row

Team member 2 will be completing an AMRAP of any of the barbell movements

Team member 3 will be completing any of the gymnastics movements

Once team member 1 is off the rower the team will rotate responsibilities.

It is the teams responsibility to keep track of all the point totals/reps. All reps for each movement must be done completely and properly in order for the points to count

In teams of 3 you will have 45 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible by completing the following movements:

Gymnastics Movements:

20 sit ups = 2pts

1 rope climb = 5 pts

8 pull ups =5 pts

15 pushups =5pts

20 kb swings (53/35) =10 pts

30 air squats = 10 pts

800 meter row =25pts

barbell movements (95/65)

Ground to overhead = 3 points (snatch, clean and jerk)

Ground to shoulder = 2 points (power clean, SDLHP)

Ground to hips =1 point (dead lift, Sumo dead lift)

Thrusters = 3 points

The scoring is the same regardless of the scale you choose for movements. It is on your honor not to scale more than is necessary.

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