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Metcon (Weight)

Part 1) From 0-10 minutes, establish the following:

Cash-in: 800M Run, then…

Max snatch x 3

Part 2) From 10-22 minutes, AMRAP of:

4 MU


16 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

Part 3) From 22-30 minutes, EMOM of:

1 full snatch @ 75% of whatever weight was hit 3x during part 1.

*Explanation – This workout is divided into 3 seperate parts, with no mandatory rest given between them. The clock will continue to run throughout the WOD. Part 1 will begin with an 800M. With whatever time remains of the 10 minutes after coming back from the run, you will lift your best snatch 3 seperate times. The same weight must be succcessfully snatched 3 times in order for it to count towards your score. If only 2 successful snatches were completed at the same weight, you will get 0 points for part 1….so know your limits and choose wisely. At the 10 minute mark, you will begin a 12 minute AMRAP. Each rep completed during part 2 will add 1lb to your snatch weight from part 1. At the 22 minute mark, you will begin the 3rd and final part….an 8 minute EMOM, in which you will attempt to hit 1 full snatch at 75% of whatever weight was hit during part 1. If you successfully complete 1 snatch during all 8 minutes of this EMOM, your 75% weight will be added to your total score/weight of the WOD. If you hit 7/8 minutes, no weight is added to your total score. If you did not successfully hit a snatch 3x during part 1, do 75% in part 3 at whatever weight you were trying to hit during part 1.

*Score example: Part 1 weight hit 3x = 100lbs. Part 2 reps completed = 50 reps. Part 3 weight successfully hit every minute = 75lbs. Which then creates 100lbs+50lbs+75lbs, for a total WOD score of 225lbs.

*Mod the MU’s with either 1 bar MU, 2 CTB, or 3 chin over bar pull-ups

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