Adrianna Morell


A month before starting CrossFit, I had been a vegetarian for two years and ran my first half marathon. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, my training partner and I had a pretty toxic relationship revolved around who could run the most miles while also only eating green juices and spinach all day. Obviously, there’s absolutely nothing inherently wrong with green juices and spinach, but I saw any other form of food as automatically “bad” for my body and would only get me “fat.” Keep in mind that at the time I weighted 115 pounds on a “heavy” day.

Even though I was never satisfied with what was on the scale and felt pretty lethargic most days, because of my Type A personality, I stuck to my training plan and ran the half marathon under my goal time. After taking a few weeks off from running to reflect on my accomplishment, I realized that I didn’t actually like running that much and wanted something different. Pretty randomly, a friend of mine mentioned that there was a CrossFit program at the Rice University Rec Center, so I decided to join him. As college sophomores, we worked out at 5AM three times a week while looking like a bunch of fools doing box jumps and burpees in the middle of a standard gym – and I absolutely loved it.

It has taken me awhile to realize why I instantly fell in love with CrossFit in October 2013, but it definitely has to do with the self-confidence it builds in women specifically. I love that the community  praises women for their strength and their ability to development new skills. I love that women aren’t chastised for their bodies, but are instead pushed to their physical limits. Instead of passively-aggressively competing with each other (like I used to do with my training parter), I have developed positive and supportive relationships with the women in all of the gyms I have joined. As a professional sport, I love that the men and women compete the same weekend, are paid the same amount, and are told to complete the same workouts. I think about the reasons for my love of CrossFit every time I step into the gym to coach, and I push myself to develop clients’ “whys” every day.

–       Crossfit L1 Trainer
–       The Brand X Method Basic Kids Course Certification