Eric Phillips


I do not have any special athletic credentials. I’ve never competed at a collegiate or Olympic level. My claim to fame in sports is the only basket I scored on my middle school basketball team was for the opposing team. I played pee wee football as a kid and lacerated my head during halftime while trying to get a drink at the water fountain. Seven stitches later I realized that despite my overwhelming desire to be athletic, I just wasn’t a natural athlete. As I approached 40 I knew I needed to do something different.  I was never fat but certainly wasn’t fit. I was what the kids would call “skinny fat.”  A good friend of mine recommended CrossFit and I thought I would give it a try. The first time I went I was hooked. I love the camaraderie among fellow CrossFit athletes as well as the changes CrossFit has brought about for me physically.

When I joined CrossFit my goal was to look better physically but I have found I am a better runner, basketball player, and I can carry my kids around the house with greater ease. I’m an attorney by trade and CrossFit has also helped with my mental focus and has aided me in being better able to represent clients and overcome obstacles. CrossFit is also a lot of fun and I look forward to going every single day.

I’ve enjoyed my time at CrossFit so much that I decided I wanted to be a permanently involved. I am now a part owner and am very excited about the future of Flaming Gorge CrossFit.