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    FIT Boot Camp in Rock Springs, WY

    Tired of “phoning in” your usual gym workout? Bored with spending countless hour on the elliptical machine or stair climber? Not seeing the results you want? Well, here is some good news: There’s a new kind of workout in Rock Springs that will not only keep you off the mind-numbing treadmill, but it will get you into better shape than ever.

    Our FIT boot camps offer a unique, results-driven workout in the Rock Springs, an area that will have you looking your best, feeling your best—and having fun while you make incredible gains!

    What Is a FIT Bootcamp?

    First off—they are tough. That’s a fact. But imagine an hour-long, high-intensity workout that can burn up to 900 calories during the workout, plus more calories for 24 hours after you leave the gym.

    FIT bootcamps are tough, yes; but there isn’t much else out there that is as effective. FIT boot camp in Rock Springs, WY, is high-intensity interval training (also known as HIIT) that prevents your body from growing complacent because the workout is always changing. Your muscles won’t know what hit them as they are challenged on a daily basis.

    Not only will you burn a whole lot of calories, but you’ll see consistent results. Results you cannot achieve on the 24 hour big box gym elliptical machine.


    We can guarantee this: You can expect the unexpected each time you come into our gym. Every day we post a different workout; you won’t get bored—and neither will your muscles. One day might bring Tabatas. Another day might have a partner workout in store. And don’t be surprised when an obstacle course pops up.

    Once you’ve had a chance to check out the workout listed on the board—and get a chance to meet your fellow athletes—it’s time to get moving. The warmup is usually about 15 minutes long, just to get the blood flowing. Next up is a fitness test. This two-minute challenge will help you keep track of your progress, and it too is different every day. How many air squats can you to din two minutes? How many burpees? How many situps? The fit test will answer these burning questions—all while you feel the burn!

    After a bit of work to strengthen your core, your entire body will be ready to jump into the main portions of the workout. These are generally made up of a variety of circuits that will challenge and push you.

    Example F.I.T. Exercises

    Here are a few of the exercises you might find in the FIT boot camp Rock Springs, WY, workout on any given day:

    • Barbells
    • Battle ropes
    • Bear crawls
    • Box jumps
    • Jump rope
    • Kettlebells
    • Planks
    • Plate presses
    • Pullups and chinups
    • Pushups
    • Rope climbs
    • Rowing
    • Running
    • Sled pulls
    • Squats
    • Tire flips
    • TRX
    • Wall walks
    • And more you haven’t even thought of (but we have!)

    Who Does Your Bootcamps?

    Anyone and everyone! One of the things we love about our gym is that our athletes are an incredibly diverse group. You will find the inexperienced novice working out next to the seasoned competitor—and both will be getting a kick-ass workout. Keep in mind that the workouts at FIT bootcamp are easily modified, depending on your current level of fitness. Given our relatively small class size, our excellent and experienced coaches will get to know you personally. They will work to ensure you always use proper form, get a challenging workout, and stay injury free.

    If you’re a serious runner or cyclist, perhaps you’ve suffered from repetitive motion injuries. You’ll find that these Rock Springs workouts are an excellent addition to your training because you’ll be able to strengthen all parts of your body, helping you avoid injury and train even better.

    Who Are the Coaches?

    Our coaches are dedicated people who are passionate about the work they do. We offer a number of classes each week in our Rock Springs, WY, location, which means smaller class sizes and more individualized coaching. Our coaches get to know each of our athletes so they can modify the moves where needed, depending on whether you need less of a challenge or more of a challenge. They can help you set—and reach!—your fitness and health goals to get you where you want to be.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    At Trump, Inc. we work out hard—but we also have a good time while we are doing it. Our members are fun and friendly, and we are proud of the camaraderie at our gym. You’ll be welcomed from the minute you walk into the door. Come and join us, and get in the best shape of your life. Try FIT high-intensity interval training classes and find out for yourself why “yeah, it’s that tough!”