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By October 7, 2015wod

Flaming Gorge CrossFit – CrossFit



Barbell Back Squats – Max Reps in 2 Minutes

(135lb Male Intermediate, 95lb Male Novice/Masters, 95lb Female Intermediate, 65lb Female Novice/Masters)


Metcon (Time)

15 Minute time cap


1. Plate-hop burpees

2. Plate overhead reverse lunges (45lb Male Intermediate, 25lb Male Novice/Masters, 25lb Female Intermediate, 10lb Female Novice/Masters)

3. Sit-ups

Round 1 starts with 12 of each movement of this triplet, then 10 of each and so on.

WOD 3 begins with the bumper plate flat on the floor in front of Athlete with the Athlete standing upright. On 3-2-1 Go from the head judge the Athlete will begin performing plate-hop burpees. The burpee is standard, requiring the Athlete to touch the chest to the floor, push up, draw feet back together and at the top the Athlete must jump enough so some part of both feet, at the same time, are on top of the plate (the top edge of the plate is fine). The Athlete does not have to stand fully upright. Once the feet have been drawn back together, after the chest was on the ground, a little hop onto the plate is all that’s required. Reps are counted when both feet, at the same time, tap the top of the plate. Athletes will be no repped for not touching their chest on the floor and not touching the top of the plate with both feet at the same time.

After the proper number of burpees have been completed the Athlete will begin plate-overhead reverse lunges. The Athlete will use the same plate as they used for burpees. They will pick the plate up and hold it overhead with arms fully extended and feet together as the starting position. The athlete will then step back with either leg until the back knee touches the ground. They must then bring the back foot to the starting position and then do the same movement with the other foot and knee. Every step back finishing with that foot brought back to center counts as a rep. Stepping back with the left foot and returning is 1 rep. Switching and then stepping back with the right foot and returning would be the 2nd rep and so on. The Athlete MUST alternate feet with each rep. Athletes will be no repped for any part of the plate touch

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