Kevin Macy


In 2010, I started training for 5K & 10k runs. I ran my first 5K at the SLC Marathon in 2010 and have run numerous 5K & 10K races in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Discovered mud obstacle racing also in 2010 and ran my first mud event in the fall of 2010. I have run Spartan sprints, supers and beast in 4 states along with 11 Dirty Dashes, 2 Color Runs and 2 Tough Mudders.

In November 2014 I had a partial knee replacement done due to lack of cartilage and severe knee pain. This was probably the best decision I have made because my squats are much more improved and knee pain is almost never there now. I have competed in the CrossFit Open in 2014 and 2015 along with competed in various CrossFit competitions in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Started doing CrossFit with Red Desert CrossFit on January 1st 2012 til they closed in 2015. I feel I have found a home with Flaming Gorge CrossFit and that’s why I felt the need to enroll in the L-1 Trainers course.  I became a CF-L1 Trainer on 1/14/2016 and began teaching classes shortly after that. When I workout I am very competitive and enjoy working out with others that like to push themselves the same.

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer