Member of the Month – Amy R.

By March 1, 2016July 12th, 2016Success Stories

I’ve always been active. In college in Boston, it was too expensive to have a car so I walked everywhere. When I lived in California, I used my rollerblades as often as possible. At 5 feet tall, I hovered around 105 pounds for years.

I’ve also been a musician my whole life. I play guitar and bass, and I love jumping around on stage. In 2010 at 33 years old, I finally became a Mom, and that’s when we found out I had scoliosis (and apparently have had it for a long time). The scoliosis never bothered me – but gaining the weight during my pregnancy and giving birth messed up the tilt of my hips and separated my pubic bone, all while shifting the muscles that had disguised my scoliosis for so long. My back hurt, my feet hurt, and I was content on staying sedentary.

I became engulfed in my Mom duties and never was able to lose more than 10 pounds of my pregnancy weight. Even after physical therapy, I was told: “There are some things you’re just not going to be able to do anymore.”

That was not acceptable to me. In August of 2015, I was at my heaviest at 190 pounds. I was going through my divorce, and with the stress and the lack of a double income, I lost about 20 pounds. I needed something to help me through my anxiety and generally wanted my life of hopping around on stage and being athletic back.

One of my favorite musicians became my friend on Facebook – and he posted pictures of himself and his buddies at their CrossFit box every few days… prompting the question: “What is CrossFit?” I Googled it. And then I watched all 13 episodes of CrossFit’s Gary Roberts series, ‘Killing The Fat Man.’ That was me. I wanted my life back. So in October, 2015, I threw out all the food on my shelves and went to a strict Paleo diet. I found Flaming Gorge CrossFit, and signed up immediately. My first week of CrossFit was the first of November. I’ve never looked back. The first on-ramp class had me sore for 3 days, but I kept going, twice a week. Then three times a week. Then four.

I have been a part of the Flaming Gorge CrossFit community now for about 5 months – I have lost almost 40 pounds total since August, but the bigger number is the 10 inches gone from my waist. I went from air squats making me sore to deadlifting 120% of my body weight. I’m full of energy from sunrise to sundown. I have absolutely NO back pain, and I feel better now than I ever have before. I signed up for the Festivus Games, the Health Challenge, and plan on doing The Open next year. I run a Zone/Paleo food group on Facebook and volunteer for health-related events. Every workout is fun and gnarly, and our coaches challenge us to push ourselves and do better – but correctly and efficiently. I have muscle definition and strength again – and I couldn’t be happier right now. It’s all because of CrossFit and the tight-knit community we share. I LOVE my CrossFit family!

And my musician friend on Facebook? I got to meet him in person in January. First thing he said to me? “You look so happy and healthy!” And he’s not the first person to notice. Mission accomplished!

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